On Friday 8 March , International Women’s Day; A day which since 1911 stands for solidarity and female struggles.   This year’s theme is ‘ heroines ‘. And with that you can of course all sides. Because heroines are everywhere. Known or less known, visible or invisible. Women who stand up for the rights of the woman, for another, for equality in general, or of course for the rights than the animals.

We, the combative women of Bonboon, also have our heroines.

Aitziber: “I have many heroines. For me, all women are heroines who have to participate in a society conceived by men and for men. Still. All heroines that consciously or unconsciously, bit by bit, bring change in that.

Angela Davis is an American philosopher and human rights activist who I admire. She has long fought for women’s rights and human rights in general. Moreover, she is also vegan and anti-speciesist. She has a very interesting view on this topic. ”

My personal heroine is Esther Ouwehand. She is an open and honest woman who, at national level, is fighting the rights of animals against a very solid lobby of the meat and cattle industry. At the same time, she is very approvable and is just as easy next to activists in the mud in an action, as she enters the debate on international laws and conventions on the environment and animal rights in the second chamber.

It remains important to draw attention to inequalities in the world, for humans and for animals. It is the reason why we do our utmost every day to give our guests a pleasant evening. Without suppressing another. On International Women’s Day, a free ‘ Bloody Mary ‘ cocktail is ready for every woman who comes to eat with us .