Is Wine not vegan?

A beautiful glass of wine can often make the experience of a dish even more complete. To be able to offer our guests these fine combinations, we work intensively with D-Vine, also FOUND ON Knsm Island.

Of course, in a vegan restaurant like Bonboon, there are no animal additives in the wines. ‘ Are there animal products in wine? ‘ Yes, quite often so. And that is not so beautiful, we find. Because it can be different.

The process of winemaking is called vinification. The picked and crushed grapes are made in wooden or steel barrels. There the fermentation process starts and a nice wine is created under good guidance and hard work. This wine is still cloudy. To make it a beautiful, clear drink, the wine is ‘ cleared ‘. For this clear one often uses albumin (egg protein), casein (of milk proteins), gelatine (of bone and cartilage of mammals) or fishglue (dried parts of fish). Little animal friendly of course….

Fortunately, there are alternatives. It can by cooling, but also with bentonite. This is a kind of clay that filters the wine, so no animal products are needed during vinification. Because it is not compulsory to indicate on wine labels which additives one uses, it can be a daunting task to find out if a wine is vegan or not. Nowadays, more and more producers are mentioning the label when a wine is vegan. Thanks to the people at D-Vine we guarantee it for all our wines.

BonboonIs Wine not vegan?