KNSM Island

You will find Bonboon at Piraeus Square on KNSM Island, directly on the Levant Quay. The name of the square is based on the name of the building in which we are located: Residential block Piraeus. The Piraeus building is a design by the German architects Kolhoff and Rapp and named after the eponymous Greek port city. After all, KNSM Island was once a port and the ships of the KNSM (Royal Dutch Steamboat Company) were given names from Greek, Roman and Egyptian mythology.

Original influences
On the whole island you still see the influences back from that time. The island was developed into a residential area in the 1990s. A number of original buildings were then taken into account in modern, high-quality architecture. This attracts a lot of architecture enthusiasts. Warehouses have been converted into homes or shops and new buildings have been folded around old buildings as it were. The Piraeus block is a good example of this. That is built óm a protected port building. At the Levant square around the corner you will find the former canteen building, which was once sold for one guilder to the artists who lived there then…

Levant Quay
On the Levant Quay is still quite a few ships, only most of them are now inhabited. Those who make a walk on the quiet quay can hardly imagine that the island is located in the middle of the world city of Amsterdam. A hidden resting point, where you can enjoy the sun, the food and a nice glass of wine all day on our cosy and colourful terrace. Life…. For that you really don’t have to go to southern Europe.

BonboonKNSM Island